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The Online Bible School is a flexible approach to learning more of the Word of God or prepare yourself for ministry.   You can study from just about any place around the globe or simply study within the comfort of your home.  All you need is an internet hookup.  Best of all, all materials on this website comes at NO COST TO YOU.

The Holy Scriptures is the final authority!

 ..As a retired Bible college professor, over 40 years of intensive research and experience has been gathered together to offer you,  FREE OF CHARGE, biblical and theological information that would normally cost thousands of dollars in a college setting.

There is no need for you to log in or register, nor is it necessary to have a user name or password. With just a click, you can enter into EVERYTHING offered throughout

You will discover there are single or series of articles to read, as well as Bible or theology courses and commentaries on various books of the Bible.  You can also listen to audio teachings as part of your educational experience.  Included at the bottom of this page is a link to my revised book "God's Purpose for Man" which may answer a lot of questions you may have about the Bible from the Book of Genesis to the Book of Revelation.

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Single Articles

Christian Life
Becoming a Christian
Developing the Character of God
When God Changes Your Name
Controlling Your Thought Life
Dealing with Unforgiveness
Encourage or Destroy

Bible Reading
Which Bible is Best?
The Mind of the Scriptures

Communing with God-Prayer Basics

Servant Leadership

Baptisms Listed in Scripture
Jesus - Our Final Atonement

Background to Books or Cities of the Bible
Ephesus - A Historical Background
Antioch - A Historical Background
Smyrna - A Historical Background

Book of Life

Age of Accountability
Rapture - When?

Millennial Reign of Christ



Names of God
Attributes of God

Christian Cults or Other Religions
The Lost Gospel of Judas

The Origin of Hinduism

The Origin of Islam

Communion Messages for Pastors
Until the Coming of the Kingdom


Series of Articles

Understanding End Times: Learn how the Jews, Israel, the Church, and the world all fit together in end-time events. What was prophesied thousands of years ago is coming to pass before our eyes today. The pieces of the puzzle are quickly forming a picture of end times revealed.

The Power of the Tongue: The tongue is an instrument used to edify one anoother and praise the Lord or tear down and cause division and destruction. In this two article series, you will learn the destructiveness of negative words and how gossip becomes a fire of destruction. In addition, you will learn the art of how to use your tongue for the glory of God.

The Book of Hebrews: This verse by verse inductive study of the first seven chapters of the Book of Hebrews that lifts Jesus as our High Priest.

Melchizedek: The Scriptures list Jesus' relationship with Melchizedek as a mystery. This series will expose all of the "theories" that are prevalent today.

The Book of Galatians:This series of articles purposes to enter into the heart of the Apostle Paul as he wrote his letter to the Galatian believers he led to Christ throughout Galatia. Using the cultural, historical, political, sociological,and religious environment of the 1st century A.D., we see the frustration of the apostle as he learned these new believers had been persuaded by the Judaizers, who came behind him to undermine everything he had done. Great doctrinal truths can be found throughout the Book of Galatians.

The Accuracy of the Scriptures: These articles show how the Scriptures were passed down through the generations - from Adam to Abraham to the prophets to the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. Understanding the accuracy of the Scripture helps Christians to trust that their Bibles are accurate in every detail for faith, instruction, doctrine, reproof and correction.

The Book of Ephesians: These six articles will give the history and background of Ephesus in the 1st century A.D., as well as center in on the blessings which believers have in Christ as written by the Apostle Paul by the anointing of the Holy Spirit. As the book continues, biblical instruction for everyday living will be revealed. In this most fascinating book of the Bible that is written for the Church and about the Church, Christian can learn all they need to know about living a Godly life in Christ.

Cultivating a Life of Prayer: This series of articles is filled with important information that will help you cultivate a deeper life in prayer. It will also help you with instruction on how to pray.

The Jewish Roots of Christianity? This series teaches about the Jewish roots of Christianity. The purpose is to teach you, as a Christian, how to understand the Gospels more thoroughly. It's purpose is also to encourage you to follow the Truths of the Word of God so that you can become a more committed disciple of Jesus Christ. Ultimately, this course is designed to help you develop a more meaningful understanding of the Gospels and the Bible as a whole.

Will Israel be Saved?: This series of articles investigates the Dual-Covenant theology, which includes various modified versions of it. This erroneous theology, which violates the core doctrine of Christianity, has entered into many churches of today. You, as a Christian need to understand how deceptive this theology is to the Body of Christ and our call to witness to the Jewish people.

Church History (From the Book of Acts to the Reformation): This series of articles cover the first sixteen centuries of the development of the Church - from the Book of Acts to the Reformation. Many questions will be answered regarding the beginning of various traditions or beliefs that have entered into many denominations which affect the Church-at-large - even today.

How to Study the Scriptures: This series of articles is essential for all Christians to learn why it is so important to study the Bible. Various Bible study tools were be given, showing how to use them, along with various Bible study methods.

The Tithe? Learn what the Scriptures say about the Tithe - from the Book of Genesis to the Book of Genesis. All denominational perspectives have been excluded - only the Scriptures are used in this teaching. This will probably be the most thorough study you will find on the tithe.

The Hierarchy System of Church Government: The Pathway to Spiritual Abuse:
Various churches today use different forms of church government. This teaching will show the various forms used and then take a serious look at the hierarchy system of church government and its dangers.

(Since each series may have several articles and many of the articles are lengthy, you might find it helpful to print them out first so you can read them at your leisure.)

E-Book - "God's Purpose For Man"


God's Purpose for Man

This newly revised book addresses questions about God, Satan, angels, creation, heaven, hell, end times, eternity, and much more. Offered online to you FREE OF CHARGE, this book can be easily read by just the click of a button.