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Our Courses

Inspired, Revelatory And Discerning….

The Online Bible School offers courses using the Bible as our undisputed authoritative guide.

We believe the Word of God is the inspired, the only infallible, authoritative Word of God and this marks the basis and foundation of everything we do here at The Online Bible School.

Each course is inspired by prayer and revelation.

In other words, we don’t deal with theology. There are other qualified institutions that offer theologically correct bible courses. Our purpose is not to compete with them or reinvent the wheel.

Our courses come from years of practical Bible Study, from both years of personal home Bible Study fellowships and communal bible study in our respective Churches. These courses are birthed from prayer.

You will need the authorized King James Bible version, the Strong’s Concordance and a Greek Lexicon to reap the most benefit from these courses.

That said, let’s explore some of the courses you can expect here at the Online Bible School.

Foundational Courses

1. Back to Genesis

2. Back to Acts

3. Back to Ephesians

4. Back to Revelation


Intermediate Courses

1. The King and His Kingdom

2. Effective Prayer and what happens when you pray

3. The Seen and Unseen Realms and their impact on you

4. Understanding your enemy

5. Breaking Evil..

             i.   Foundations

             ii.  Altars

             iii. Curses

             iv. Bondages

6. Understanding The Purpose and Power of Fasting

Advanced Courses

1. Dream Interpretation

2. Intense Spiritual Warfare

3. Spiritual deliverance

4. Prayers for deliverance

5. Discerning that you need deliverance

6. Uncovering the foothold of the devil in your life

7. The Prophetic Realm

8. Divine Health; A revelation into sickness and disease

9. Divine Prosperity: Understanding what this really means and why you must prosper as a Christian

How To Apply

All you have to do is select the course above, read the course outline and decide if that is what applies to you.

We strongly recommend that everyone begins with the Foundational courses first as these give the necessary foundation for the intermediate and advanced courses.

After that, send us an email for Course application.

Check out our enrollment page for more information on Courses requirements and costs.

There will be more courses added on as we continue under the leadership of The Holy Spirit.


God bless you as you join.