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The Online Bible School aims to have every believer understanding and using their tools of salvation to overcome all the attempts of the enemy to prevent them from a successful victorious life in Christ.

Five people are responsible for the concept of The Online Bible School.

Pastor Mathesen, Jeremy Winters, Ezra Welo, Marlon Grisham and James Penterhouse are born again believers hailing from different parts of the globe.

The Vision

Pastor Mathesen is a retired Pastor who shepherded Willows Creek Methodist Church in Orlando for 12 years before taking a sabbatical. During the 1-year sabbatical, Mathesen got a vision to set up an online ministry that would boldly speak about ‘hidden’ issues that affect the normal Christian.

During this time he traveled to Israel and got the chance to meet Ezra Welo, a digital entrepreneur who’s passionate about developing online christian material.

Ezra hails from Jerusalem and has long wanted to be part of an online ministry that would specifically focus on matters prophecy, revelation and discernment.

After much prayer and counsel, Pastor Mathesen turned to lifelong friends – Winters and Grisham about his vision.

Winters and Grisham are heavily inolved with their local Churches. Winters especially believes in the power of prayer to overcome all issues that a Christian faces.

More importantly, his beliefs about the effect of the unseen realm on our world resonate with Pastor Mathesen’s own revelations.

Why The Need For The Online Bible School

In short, when you become a born again Christian, you begin a process of ‘working out your faith,’ a process that involves detaching yourself from chains, links and strongholds that unknowingly connect you to the kingdom of darkness. It’s these unseen, secret chains that empower the devil to continue tormenting you and keeping you in sin and defeat.

It’s a lack of discernment about this important phase that causes many Christians to get frustrated in their walk, wondering why bad things continue to happen to them.

For example, if you constantly fall into sin, then the devil still has a foothold in your life. You need to find out what it is, and uproot it once and for all to avoid failing in your Christian walk. Without deliverance, every attempt to live victoriously as a Christian will fail miserably.

Again, if you are constantly falling sick, struggling with addictions, debt, lack of purpose, loss of blessings, unemployment, chronic failure, lack of desire for prayer and God then there is something that you need to break.

Beneath the surface, there are invisible powers that are hell-bent on destroying you now that you have given your life to God. These powers are well described in Ephesians.

It is a lack of sound, biblical revelation about this unseen battle that has birthed The Online Bible School.

The Birth of The Online Bible School

The Online Bible School is no ordinary theological school. This is a Holy Spirit inspired revelatory school where each course is designed to get you deeper into the Word of God unlocking and applying His Truth to every aspect of your life.

Expect to receive discernment about God’s real purpose for your life, divine health, the real reason for dominion and power, the truth about the enemy of your salvation, how to defeat evil forces that rage against you, how to be victorious as a Christian, how to administer real deliverance for you and your family and how to grow as a true prayer warrior.

These revelatory courses dig deep into your spiritual roots enabling you to identify curses, bondages, hidden altars that prevent you from being an effective Christian, and break them once and for all.

As we reveal these ‘secrets’ you then have the power and discernment to uproot them once and for all and begin to grow in victory and continue to wreck havoc on you and your family members in finance, health and purpose.

For example, most of these roots are revealed to you in dreams, but how many Christians know that the source of their problems can be traced to ‘strange’ dreams?

We could go and on…

But the best thing to do is explore the list of courses we offer and see which ones speak to your situation.

The Courses

All courses are delivered via email. You will therefore be required to apply using your email address for each course you are interested in. You will need to apply or each new course.

Each lesson has practical prayer and study homework assignments. Each of them must be completed in full for you to move on to the next stage.

May God bless you as you join.

At the end of each course, you will receive a certificate of participation and participate in our online prayer commissioning call.

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