About Us

About Us

The Online Bible school equips Christians from all walks of life for a better, enriched walk with Christ.

We offer online bible courses in a wide range of Bible Disciplines, ranging from Christian Apologetics, Faith, Prayer, Bible Study, New Disciples Class, Blessings And Curses, The End-times, Prophecy, Prophecy and Politics, Foundations, Interpretation of Dreams and much more.

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The Online Bible School consists of a group of top theologians and Evangelicals, from Israel, United Kingdom, Spain and United States, who believe our highest calling is to make disciples of all men.

Our secondary core objective is to bring all Christians to a mature knowledge of Christ their savior.

We value and treasure this calling.

It is for this reason, we take what we do very seriously.

You can read through our statement of faith and core beliefs to get an understanding of who we are and what we do.

Yours in Christ

The Online Bible Study Team