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Spirit, Soul And Body: Understanding Your Nature As A Three Part Man

Spirit, Soul and Body

In understanding God, you need to understand your most basic make-up, which is spirit, soul and body.

You are a spirit, housed in a physical container (body) with a soul (mind, emotions) legally licensed to operate on earth by virtue of your physical vessel.

Your physical container allows you to experience fully all the glory, beauty and experiences of the physical realm called earth.

However, your inherent nature is spirit. But spirit cannot fully grasp or experience a physical realm.

That’s why God had to create you as a spirit, soul and body.

The reason for this extends way beyond the scope of this post, albeit to say that when God recreated the earth in Genesis 1:2, one of the major differences He did was to establish clear order between the governing of the two dimensions: heavens and the earth.

Genesis 1 begins with a clear matter-of-fact distinction between two realms. It says,

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth…”

The earth wasn’t always physical as we know it.

But due to a mighty celestial war that was fought at the beginning of time, it was necessary to bring into being a new order in the realms that separated the operations of the heavens from the earth.

It was then the task of ‘a new life form’ – human being or a son of God – to bring this realm into order and cause the physical realm to reflect the spiritual realm (the heavens) where God reigned.

The clear distinction came in the form of a new meta-state called the physical state.

In other words, to be legal on earth, everything must have a physical vessel.

That’s why when you die, you don’t just float around earth, you have to return to a spiritual realm.

This revelation also cancels the oft-assumed notion that there are spirits floating around the earth atmosphere, influencing human behavior.

For a spirit to influence human behavior, it must be housed in a physical body.

That explains why Lucifer, in his judged disembodied state, had to use the body of a serpent to speak to Eve.

Why You Have A Spirit, Soul And Body

Understanding the differences between body, soul and spirit is now important to clearly understand how to have a relationship with God.

With spirit, you commune with God.

With soul, you experience two realms: spirit and physical. Your spiritual man transfers spiritual insights and reality into a form that you can use to project into the physical realm.

Dreams, visions, emotions fall into this definition.

With body, you operate and activate spiritual insights in the physical realm.

So you are an eternal spirit licensed to influence a physical realm using your soul.

This image says it all:

spirit, soul and body,


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