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Uproot Evil Foundations With The Right Way To Pray

Use The Bible And The Right Way To Pray…

to pull out the roots of poverty, evil foundations and plant the seeds of change.

The Right Way To Pray


It all starts with prayer.

There’s a right way to pray…

… and a wrong way to pray.

Let’s start with the wrong way.

This is where you open your mouth and simply start saying whatever comes to your mind.

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now it hardly works.

That’s for two reasons.

  • Reason #1: Your words, in themselves, have limited power.
  • Reason#2: Without biblical back-up, your words fall flat on the ground.

That’s why you pray for hours, and feel (or sense) nothing. Your words hit the ceiling and came right back down.

That analysis leads us to the right way to pray.


Secret #1: Prepare Your Case

When you go before God, you are approaching The King, The Judge.

You need to have your case well prepared.

Your facts need to align with the Law, and the Law in this case is the Word of God.

The Word of God is the only word that God will honor.

It’s not just God.

All creation bows down to the Word of God.

That includes devils.

Imagine therefore if every word of your prayer is drawn from the Word of God, where your prayer is actually word for word what’s in the Bible?!

Even demons must obey!

Grisham, are you saying that even if I am His child, I need to prepare my petition like a lawyer?

Yes, exactly.

You MUST find the relevant verses in the Bible that speak to your need and go before God The Father.

Then, begin like this, “It is written….”

You will notice that when Jesus was being tempted by the devil, He always responded by saying, “It is written…”

There is a secret behind this.

God has exalted His Word above His Name.

His also said His Word will not return to Him empty but go out and fulfill that which He intended it to.

Notice these are His Words, not yours.

That leads us to secret #2…

Secret #2: Use His Words, Not Your’s

His words have unlimited power, your’s have limited power.

If you were to pray using your own words, demons in the 2nd heaven can interrupt them and prevent them from reaching heaven.

That’s because your words don’t have inherent celestial power in them.

They don’t have enough force to penetrate the heavenlies.

In Daniel’s case, he had to pray for 21 days before he got his answer.

I don’t think this is because of his sanctification.

As we all know Daniel was one of the most anointed men in history, yet he was living in an environment that promoted idol worship.

So you can imagine the persistence that he had to apply to make sure that his prayer penetrated the evil atmosphere, reached the throne of God and then returned to him.

In fact, the angel that eventually arrived told him this incredible story of being intercepted by hostile forces and that he was returning to fight them again.

If you haven’t been getting much answer to prayer lately, try this approach.

First, consider your prayer presentation.

Don’t just talk. Build up your case by getting the verses in the Bible that speak to your situation.

Quote that scripture back to God, knowing as you do so, that you are quoting the undisputed, infallible, all powerful Word of God back to him.

That action is backed up by His guarantee that His Word will not return to Him void. In other words, God will now obligate himself to answer your prayer based on this guarantee.

And then keep at it because you don’t know what forces are actively trying to resist you from receiving your God-given answer.

You must persist in prayer!

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